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Who among us does not know the importance of the fax service, the service that enables us to send documents and receive whatever the geographic distance that separates the transmitter and receiver, but with the development of technology, and the proliferation of Internet use large there has been service to send the fax over the Internet, which is distinct from traditional fax several features, including the ability to receive faxes sent from anywhere, where enough to be linked to the Internet and transmission via mobile from anywhere.


Today’s work environment rewards speed and mobility. Tools that enable staff to work faster from more places enhance productivity and frequently pay for themselves many times over. Add affordability to the mix, and it’s easy to see why Yellow Fax is a smart choice for any business looking to be more productive and cost-efficient.

With Yellow Fax, you can retire your fax machine and fax line service provider. Keep your existing fax number—or receive a new one—to send and receive faxes anywhere using almost any device connected to the internet. Yellow’s internet phone faxing allows you to save on paper, toner, and the cost of repair and maintenance. There’s no time lost in waiting for your fax to print, and no one but you will view the faxes you send and receive. Your faxes are always right at hand and offer privacy you can’t get with a shared fax machine.



- Shared fax number included
- Send and receive faxes on your PC, viaOnline fax
email, or with Mobile App
- Cloud integration (Box, Dropbox™, Google Drive™, Microsoft Outlook®)
- Support

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