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 About Service


Is the art of photography, like any other art, such as music, painting and other arts and that was akin to drawing a lot of our time and with the evolution of technology has become the cameras available in all types and sizes and affordable and high-tech and almost everyone has become in being able to take pictures, but not everyone photographers professionals or technicians have been the separation of professional photography and imaging of normal. Where Lilo company offering Way imaging Alfotogerava and video services, there is no company or organization only needs to portray Votojrave to document its business service or other products, image of the product is to use it often, whether in advertising or communication with customers, and many of the positions, and the picture good product, or the image mouthpiece of the service, or the image of the company itself, which is placed in some of the ads or used in some situations must be reflective of the company's activity, and are selected angle that is filming them carefully and quantity of lighting and all the other surrounding factors.


When the photographer starts his work it is not a question of good camera and stand in a suitable place near the product and the pressure on the imaging button, but the imaging complex art depends on the talent and the study and practice, every corner of the image is taken of them will give a different impression, as well as the breadth of light in the picture It has a significant effect on the viewer, and even choose the lens you need to think about the process; until we get in the end the image achieved its purpose in terms of form and psychological on the reader. It is not enough that the image be beautiful, but must be appropriate in effect in accordance with the goal of which, Depicting sandwich differs from filming villas Bmsif and also differs from the car, Valaah luxury his steps, as well as raise the appetite his way in the filming, and also impression of power and speed this is what we do know very well, and our photographers as well as professionals who know how to choose everything related to your photo, and what makes them carry some form fantastic and an excellent impression about your product or service.


Also videos that captures your property must be treated carefully and professionally is the work of montage, and produces and go out and conceived by professionals; because the videos that talk about your facility impressions will last long, and can video lousy cause lost the confidence of many in your facility , Without feel the viewer up to the conviction that this company can not produce video well, how they are to maintain the quality of its services, and therefore, our company has developed strict standards are applied to each video we produce, and took into account the accuracy of the output and photography and even Almtherat audio accompanying the video, which makes every second to give the best impression to the viewer that your facility or your products / services are the best. So we are working professionally to cooperate with our client to select the desired document or to market or publicize his establishment and therefore it is directed staff Alchts we have to follow up and give the best of aspirations of the client of the results.

The most important services provided

 Recording events, meetings and Alaeventat

  • Imaging of large and small events
  • Filming for companies and individuals meetings
  • Filming public and private concerts
  • Filming Birthdays
  • Filming relief campaigns and companies

 Portrait photography

  • Filming VIP
  • Personal portrayal of the members
  • Filming propaganda
  • Photographing children
  • Model shooting and fashion Shot

 Imaging products

  • Imaging foods
  • Filming jewelry
  • Imaging accessories
  • Filming abayas
  • Make-up imaging

 Architectural imaging

  • Filming hotels
  • Filming villas and buildings
  • Filming weddings halls
  • Filming locations heritage
  • Filming stadiums
  • Aerial Photography

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