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Websites Publicity

 There are two ways for publicity and to get to the first page in search engines

The first method which Google paid ads declaration by buying advertising space from Google, then your ad will appear tip page when searching for words that they have recorded, which is the fastest way to get publicity to the customer. But when you stop payment process .. disappear completely ad from a search engine ... if this is your favorite service, we also offer to our customers ... For more information on paid ads, please  Click Here

The second way is publishing the handwork and refined to improve the site technically work Spider any private motor-driven browser and through the study of other sites competing to get to the first rank in the search sites, in short work on the deployment of services and products on sites, forums and social networks through the marketer Email professional in his work makes your site naturally at the top of search engine results .. good this way is when you get to the first place is difficult, especially when your download and keep on protecting your site there. We Sensand to be in the foreground.

 Abou The service

The majority of businesses, whether companies, institutions or factories, do not have a specialized department for electronic marketing, except for international companies ... they are the prior knowledge of the importance of this section has, so based on the provision of its requirements from the beginning of the computer line Internet, anywhere and salaries devices ... etcetera, that's to be able to appear next to all the competitors in front of audiences in all media and advertising, although the most important of at the moment is the internet ... and through our experience petition in marketing and advertising via the internet (e-marketing) we have implemented a new section in our company name (Marketing department is) featuring ten specialists in e-marketing has been selected among more than 100 applicants for the job current defined as follows ...

Publicity sites Department is a division of our company full of management and technical follow-up, working on marketing to customers of subscribers we have in this service all of the section on a regular basis daily, and throughout the month for five hours a day, that each specialist marketing work on marketing products or Client Services an hour every day on they would do work on all five marketers daily client to be the outcome of the daily working time is 5 hours per day, divided into five points outlined work plan offer.

We are able to cover the work of 16 customers every month, the production capacity of this section so far

We divide the daily working hours due to the client (5 hours) on five marketers so that he can spend more time implementing point of the show points to gain practice expertise to this work, and not even are similar or repeated offers and ads in one place, and finally order for both of them to work on point one of the action points during the hours of daily currency the company.

 How It Works

The head of the department access to their product offerings or client services, advertisements, whether printed or recorded (sound or image) and the realization of marketing customer need via the Internet, including distributing the agenda marketers both by currency supply points, some of them working on publishing sites, forums and another working on establishing a group the client and the page on Alvesok and publishing a site to bring the largest number of members of the two, and the other is to publish in the research and evidence and indexes engines, and the fourth marketer that creates and follow your Twitter site, and the latter with adding agreed ads with the client free advertising sites on the World wide web.

 Business strategy

Manual and frequently publish every day in all the research and evidence websites and forums engines
Minimum duration of the contract three consecutive months, so as to pursue the possibility of the effect of multiple action points and work to provide efficient plan

This service includes

- Publishing in the majority of major general search engines
-Publishing in general and specialized Alvھars
- Posting in global positioning
-Publishing in the marketing area of work sites private facility  
- puplishing throw blogging 
- Registering in blogging sites that talks about our object.
- Registering in the most popular advertising web sites to get the puplishers.
- Publishing in social sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus... 
- Programming a map of the location of the XML type to help indexing the site search engine Google

To guarantee you presence, spread and publicity

 working hours

The work day, seven days a week except on Fridays and public holidays only for five hours a day, to be added withheld days, especially the holidays within the accrued hours of work for the client last time frame him, that the customer receives a minimum 120 hours / month if ensure official holidays

How website publicity workd

 How to subscribe to the service

The service request through the means of communication available to the site immediately to be fulfill all required to work information, such are paid for the time frame required to work cost (the customer is notified in case of non-department's capacity to absorb new customers at the time as the production capacity it is 16 customers every month) and begin currency section provide a detailed report on the client's presence on the internet at the time, so compared to the monthly reports of its own after-service.

We are a team of Web professionals Our goal is to raise the web and the Arabian design to the required level and more able to compete in the electronic environment

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