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Email Campaign

 About the service

Characterized by marketing campaigns via e-mail with many features that are not offered by the majority of other means of advertising, making it the way announcement distinctive and important as especially when an ad for a product or many details of the service or in case of the need to announce a range of services or products in an ad message one, being Ttej to the offerer unlimited space to put all the details about the service or the advertised product, whether the content of textual or saury or two together, as well as the possibility of bringing the future of advertising to a specific web page for details and information more about the product, service, or even about the facility Introduction service, and in short addresses clarify some service features


Ad space is limited
It offers the possibility to return the letter to announce the future at any time, from anywhere
Possibility of determining the target population to receive the advertising message
Revitalization of the website for the facility in case of a future letter to him
Low cost advertising campaign compared to other means of advertising

 Target segments


اChoosen class for email marketing

15.500.000  Private e-Egyptian Internet users, government agencies, institutions andElectronic banking and global banks and clientsMembers of the Arab and Western forums


The number of messages

Package price per time

10.000  $9.99  (Pack to test the service) | 75 LE
20.000 $19.99 | 150 LE  
50.000 $49.99 | 375 LE
100.000   Special Offer only 99$ | 750 LE
500.000 $500 4.000.000 $4000
1,000,000 $1000 5,000,000 $5000
2,000,000 $2000 10.000.000 $9000
3,000,000 $3000 For a higher pack Call us


Service Features

The number of messages available to be sent by a server message 100,000 a day for each campaign
We provide an electronic page on the Internet, Landing page so those who have no special Website to greet customers, who are pressing the ad to read more about advertising or Advertiser, plus Scripts Visitor Counter


We are a team of Web professionals Our goal is to raise the web and the Arabian design to the required level and more able to compete in the electronic environment

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European countries Only : +447024021262

Address : 1 Mohi El Din Abu El Azz , Doki , Giza , Egypt.