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About advertising-funded online

It is funded by online advertising effective ways to deploy a product or service in front of a targeted audience in a short time and to a large audience, where the service enables the "paid advertising" both on the sites or networks for many types of forms of advertising. It is intended sites here any sites that operate independently like Msroay site, Yallakora, and many other major sites on the Internet, which allows advertisers advertising space is exploited through direct agreement between the advertiser and the site or through the agent advertising him, but networks like Google Network display, which is one of the most widely also networks Yahoo's ad network and network Bing, and many other ad networks, working to put your ad, ad spaces that have been allocated by through its sites, in addition to the ads search engines, which is one of the advertisements important on the internet wave .


Types of ads on the Internet

There are many types of advertising on the Internet, which provided the majority of ad networks, while some of the advertising spaces are limited at some sites that provide only advertising space sham, and classified the types of advertising-funded online to
  • Text ads
  • Banner ads
  • Link Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Mobile Ads

Networks, which dealt with the disappearance

We are in the Yellow Way nominate a company to deal with only two networks on the Internet and areGoogle & Facebook I do not mind the use of some other independent sites with additional advertising as a means corresponds to each area separately, for example, if the area is declared the work of real estate, we nominate Add ad space on the site "Shoof Akar"For example, if the particular activity in the tourism sector as tourism, for example, can be Atsglal ad space on "IWNTA" The international network of travel agencies


Average appearing to cost for Facebook ads

The campaign cost per day The average number of fans The average number of Views
$10 75 L.E 111 444 8,700 23,000
$20 150 L.E 222 889 17,000 46,000
$30 225 L.E 333 1.333 35,000 92,000
$50 375 L.E 556 2.222 87,000 230,000
$75 560 L.E 833 3.333 130,000 340,000

Where to start

Willow Way enables when dealing with them and through their experience in dealing with the Google network and Facebook, to establish your advertising campaign on the Internet, whether for a product or service at a cost starting at 200 US dollars only, whether the proposed campaign is spreading through the advertising spaces or belong engine Google search only, where they appear within the first search results on Google specific words of s ... where we campaign financed online match the proportion of the campaign raised the value of the administration, that fact that we have more than 10 years experience in the paid campaign management on the internet and endured responsibility the success of many funded campaigns to our customers all these years

We are a team of Web professionals Our goal is to raise the web and the Arabian design to the required level and more able to compete in the electronic environment

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