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Trade marks

 Introduction to the inevitable

Logo ideasWhen you create an activity (commercial, industrial ...) or even a website on the internet, the first thing that must be it is considering allocating a hallmark of your facility or your own website. Unfortunately, many of those who begin a new activity do not care to think about, even for a little while in identity design as it should.

Of course, that an appropriate slogan of difficulty designed to specify, where he is one of the first priorities of the new to your business, so we we Willow Way offering up to 5 different ideas for your brand required, to choose either one deems you suitable for you, and is not a requirement to be a designer nicely in the use of design programs , but it is very important to have the ability to think and creativity for a new and distinct idea serve as a brand new to your business, many companies offer design trademark service, but few of them have the ability to create a new idea for your brand.

we raised this introduction even Enaink but committed a costly mistake after exertion may I put in to creating your, Aim for each activity in inception to prove himself in front of competitors, either brand will be working on another important hub, the new the activities usually must attract the attention Received far from the competitors, and the unity of the distinctive emblem remains stuck in the minds of viewers and be easy to remember and then remember the name, a so-called "mental footprint"


Steps to implement a brand

 The first step: design strategy
It is the most important step of the logo design, an understanding of the nature of the work (company, organization, industry ....) and this requires us to get as much information as possible about the company, its activities, products, etc .. and whether the owner of the logo is friendly a certain idea or perception of form implementation of the logo and the colors you wanted to design a light logo and the expected logo uses (is it the logo for Internet site, logo for use on letters and cards, correspondence, logo products ....) to outfitted according to what he wants, and often the client Ihs on master file of the logo for the extraction state of sizes and extensions of the files that are required for use at any time. 


 Step Two: preliminary study

From here begins the actual steps to implement the logo. After we got the necessary information from the owner of the logo's our turn to call Annan imagination and prepare a preliminary study, which means that the design between 4-9 slogans with different ideas, yet can accomplish these designs brigades, we have to pick and choose which of the five best for presentation to the employer to choose one of them.

A model of the second step
 Here we have three possibilities  
- Like that one of the designs without any amendments and Garret moved to the fourth step
- Like that one of the designs, but with an amendment moved by the third step
- That I did not like any design and this is rare and Garret moved the first step

 Step Three: Review

When a customer chooses a designs and request an amendment to a certain part we conduct the required modification and a comprehensive assessment of the idea of being used and developed a little bit, if possible, and review the colors required for the theme of this step sometimes and processing are the hardest of the study because the client may impose You should make a substantial modification in the idea, maybe something did not put into account absolutely must be Msthara this thing during the preliminary study presented to the customer and your discussion him and explain this thing, after the completion of the required modification and review progress of this review to the customer for approval and move on to the fourth and final step.

The third step of the model   

 Step Four: configuration and delivery

It is another action steps where they are preparing logo is required on the file from the TIFF type a private stretch extracting all Alamtdadt that the client may require, in addition to the extraction of multiple files of the logo, which is usually needed to work effectively, such as the logo image on the back of a small white for use on the Internet and the other on a black background, an image without the background, and the other on a file from PDF type, for all print applications .. etc., provides it all for the client in a single file on a compact disc, or through a compressed file is downloaded through the internet.

Model of the fourth step       

 What is the Slogan What is the difference between him and logo

The Slogan is a short sentence shortcuts taken by the company as a logo in marketing campaigns, and should be for this logo to be well thought out so as to achieve the final desired objective, which is to leave a positive impact at the same customer, here Ijmta this positive impact of the logo with commercial advertising company to reflect the image that the company wants to consolidate within the subconscious mind of the consumers, and both of which are not far away, Valatnin an integral part, addresses Hactin together, "hearing and vision" to reinforce its image within Azhn customers both are not Guyana them to any company or system seeks to Tsthoz what remains of the minds of the customers of the ability to understand the concept, Bosra and for audio competitor of providers of services or products to them

Slogan in the choice of the company home to Real Estate Development process, we have introduced these ideas to our client 

  • We are committed to deserve your trust
  • Make yourself at home
  • Here is your home.
  • Betk Will get you your house.
  • searching for a house ? !

We designed the attic Slogan chosen in proportion to the logo, and use it on all of the company's publications 

 Information on the subject

Large companies choose their slogans are very precise and careful, The motto is one of the most dangerous things that could hurt the company negatively in the event of his failure to show or not to leave it at the customer's desired effect. The motto must contain the following mix:

First, to be a simple easy to save a certain musical tone smooth, and secondly that the consumer understands what you want from the company saying behind this slogan without necessarily reflects the activity of the company directly.

On the first point there is no need to explain, even the logo leaves impact required must be smooth hang in memory without mention by the consumer effort. For example, the slogan along the lines of: "We are the best in the world of communications" is the motto not to mention being a tacky forgotten by the customer immediately, compare this with the slogan Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications company: "We go away for the rest soon.", is not necessarily a logo Mozhuna, also there are logos that make the customer (think) sense of the wonderful logo and therefore it is impossible to forget the logo again, see, for example, to Old logo of the company Crossfire American known in the shoe industry: "We Lead, Other's Follow". is bound to everyone who reads this slogan makes him think of overconfidence incurred by the company towards its products, which does not consider itself only better, but considered to be in leadership and that the rest of the companies are trying to imitate and catch up with it! this kind of slogans call slogans (crushing the head) it leaves a good impact in the same customer provided they are not used immersed companies or emerging because it may turn into ridiculed by the customer, rather than admiration ... for the second point, yes no not necessarily that the logo directly reflects the activity of the commercial company, but on the contrary, the logo that reflects the activity of the company is directly fun of the worst kinds of slogans which are divided into three sections:

1. Statements reflect the Company's activities or characteristics of the product directly.
2. Statements reflect activity indirectly.
3.Logos - if you look at it is just about the company - do not reflect something to offer the company.

For the slogans of the first type it is as previously reported from the worst kinds of slogans and there has been an example of some these slogans: "best in the world of air conditioning." The customer in this day and age would believe that this company is the best in the world of air-conditioning just because it says this about herself, that customers in this era have become, unfortunately, Sobei persuasion not attracted only after the company itself straining researcher for coiled phrases affect the same customer and mind subcontract without feeling ... the second type of logos is similar to the slogan Thuraya that we mentioned earlier: "We go away, to stay close to" indirectly refers to the activity of the company logo of providing communication services via satellite (go away).

Another example is the slogan Bison energy drink, which says: "All your movements," ... these slogans do not contain Bttiyatha mention the characteristics of the product directly representing most of corporate logos in general ... Type III, is the most difficult types of logos for the company is not using this venture type only giant and the world-famous companies boiled style: Sony, Panasonic, Nike, Adidas .. etc ... this makes us we address the important point here is, it is that this third type of logos to be built based on the company incorporated in the construction of its reputation over the years!

Imagine that you are a new company and immersed in the field of electronics by asking the following slogan for the first her motto: "Ideas For Life" I do not think that such a slogan would be a contributing factor to the success of the new company factors unheard of only a few. But when you use a company like Panasonic this slogan turns into a seed of inspiration for the consumer when reading or hearing it, the impression that you want a giant company such company left when the customer is that it is the evolution of the company and innovate and produce in order to make life easier and more fun ... If you are here to see that we are touching the important point is that it is not any logo, even if it was wonderful, might be appropriate as an emblem of the company, the company is the new emerging by the use of slogans address the product quality or excellence or unique feature which is not available in other etc ..

As for a company like Sony, for example, it does not need to prove its slogan quality product! We have exceeded this stage for decades, and all you need to do now is to prove its existence as a competitor in the market develops restless and trying to make the technology easier and more advanced rather than focusing on talking about the quality of their technology because it -as Zkrna- have finished the job a long time ago.

Note : attached to illustrate an example of all the pictures

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