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Flash Presentation

 General definition of the program Flash

s one of the most powerful Alttabavat in the design animated presentations at all, it allows creation of rich designs with pictures, text and video files as materials illustrative within the show, because it allows the various control possibilities that can be implemented on the video during the show, also can display these files on all run various computer systems even television, and is a key program in Flash animation and motion-rich files in the internet sites, including ... we are determined programmers and developers ... we have a professional look in the design presentations 

 About designs flash animation

Multiple uses of Flash program being the only program which is supported by Mtcefaht online in the run content through websites of Web pages, where it is used to design logos movement at the sites and design introductions sites and you see on the shape of the front flash of the site and Osma be redirected to the main page of the site after watching the introduction or when you choose one of the proposed options for the visitor, which is also marked by the flash software can be controlled through a programming languageAction Script

 What we offer to our customers through flash program 

Definition of flash design companies file                                   Company Presentations
Display design products and services flash files Flash Presentations
Design introductions websites Website entroductions
Design CDs Offers CD Presentations
Kinetic design files for logos Logo Animation
Design of advertising spaces to Web sites Flash Banner

  CDs and presentations

The compact of the most effective methods used in the marketing of products and services cylinders, including those related means attractive Acquires eyes and heard the heart of where audiences are integrated sound effects -With text and video to ensure the strength of the effect on consumers in the presentations

Some studies have shown that: 
PC owners whose devices run the laser discs 90%
Distributed on CD laser offerings are viewed by the recipients 90%
Who are seen by more than once and at least one 64%
Distributed cylinders are seen in the same day received 85%
Remember ratio cylinder, content to watch up to 50% in light of the availability of video

Where are CDs of the latest tools in the field of marketing where advertising enables you to achieve your goals
easily through the effective impact on the decision-makers as easily will be able to remember your products
And services from the rest of the traditional competitors
Our team has the skills and potential of employing several honored to serve you

 Material supported by the Flash software industry offers 

Texts of various kinds of writing lines
All kinds of pictures
Video files
Sound effects and background music

We are a team of Web professionals Our goal is to raise the web and the Arabian design to the required level and more able to compete in the electronic environment

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