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Corporate Identity designing


(Put it before them briefly so they can read, and appreciate so fondly, and a photographer to recall them, and, above all, accurately so as to guide them out of the Insightful) .. Thus we foresaw Joseph Pulitzer and we are seeking on this track

 Our Vision

Hundreds of these institutions recently working to change one or more of the code symbols of identity and assisted in its work that a number of specialist consultants identity of the company, and this change will be costly for large companies, amounted to changing the name International has Harvester Company costs international Harvester To Navistar An amount ranging between 13 to 16 million dollars (including the cost of consultants and design marks and symbol and the dispute), and about $ 15 million to change the company Burroughs and SperryTo Unisys, and more than $ 7 million in order to change the name of the company to UAL inc AUegis

However whichever did not hesitate to perform this step, as it contains important  

Company identity codes are an integral part of the year in sight, and no one complains about it, but may appear from time to time what motivates the company to make a change, it has seen one proposal says : It is time to make a change

 Our Mission

There are four basic elements of the identity of the organization are: its name and logo (symbol) and the form layout and color scheme crafts, in addition to other elements, such as construction, which mainly institution, and decorated their offices and marks their own uniforms for its employees and cars and trucks acquired by, among others, all of which play an important role in helping customers and others in the identification of the institution, usually the companies to integrate these elements together to form a visual style carries information to people about what the company hopes that it stands for, for example, the design of many professional services firms decor offices and clothing its employees and letterhead correspondence papers .. etc. way that highlights High-quality image for the product, which is why we find the famous Transamerica financial services company used a drawing of months a teacher from San Francisco landmarks as its symbol with the slogan says (those who sit in the pyramid are working for you)

The other side of the profile that we brought in the first of the identity of the company is to try different symbols of the identity of the institution to be (the visible expression of the desired image of the institution), and here comes our mission

 From where we start

Often start where logo (Logo) since the beginning of the establishment of the facility and determine the commercial feature her .. From here begins our role to ask what the range of 3 to 5 different ideas content of Logo .. which include the implementation of a four-phase process illustrated in full both in page design logos .. Osma and we have to build a company logo identity that behind the story through design

We are a team of Web professionals Our goal is to raise the web and the Arabian design to the required level and more able to compete in the electronic environment

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